Render is a digital image that is created from a 3D model or scenario made in a specialized computer program, whose objective is to give a REALISTIC appearance from any perspective of the model.

Later this 3D model is subjected to various processes, which with the use of texturing techniques of materials, lighting, distribution, as well as photographic techniques, create a series of optical effects that resemble a specific situation in the real world.

Resulting in a photorealistic image.

How does a computer to create this image?
The Render is computerized through the use of different formulas and algorithms from the field of Optics, using different components of the same as: Occlusion, Reflection, Refraction, Caustics, etc… That by joining and using the correct way they order the pixels of the image to be created, in such a way that they look like a real image.

It is part of our responsibility as 3D designers, the domain of topics and concepts about optics, so we must be careful observers of the natural behavior of light on the different surfaces and circumstances of the environment.

For the professional creation of Architectural Renders it is also necessary to master subjects related to Professional Photography.